Tea Chat

Author: Tea Chat & Storytime (Hawkers)

Once upon a time, there was a tired author, her Saint and the Labrador. They were rounding the corner from a long walk on a humid June day and were approaching their house. Dreams of lemonade and a morsel of dinner awaited them…

But, lo! What was this? A car parked in the street and the drivers are walking up the author’s driveway? With fliers, catalogues, papyrus rolls and fake promises printed with yesterday’s news? What treachery is this; what gall do these strangers have? Up they go to the door…up, up and away.

“Shall I tell them no solicitors?” the Saint asks, growing testy.

I think. I ponder. I waver a moment.

“Let’s just keep walking. They don’t know it’s us they’re trying to sell to.”

And so the merry party proceeded, pulling a fast one over the sales people who rung the doorbell to no avail and, alas, returned to their car empty handed. The spoils and promises of capitalism evaded once more.

The author has since ordered two new “No Solicitors” signs, to replace her old broken sign. She also plans to rig her doorbell to shock anyone who presses it.

Carry on.

4 thoughts on “Author: Tea Chat & Storytime (Hawkers)”

  1. A relative of mine keeps updating her sign to include more subjects like “no free offers” and “no political questions.” She thinks they don’t understand what ‘soliciting’ means but I know they’ve been trained by supervisors to ignore the signs.

    1. Oh dear. I’m tempted to build a little fence. Or a moat. Or install a gate. We actually had two people just come waltzing up to us while we were doing yardwork a few weeks ago. Scared me quite a bit

      1. Oh, no! Not social interactions! 😀 😀

        Seriously, though -so annoying. My neighbors need to visit more often so it’s not only solicitors who ring.

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