Short Stories & Poetry

Author: Direction by a Demon (Part I)

Inspired by C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters and the many current events of the modern world. I may do more of these.

Now, now. Dry your tears and look at me. The crocodiles need these back and you shouldn’t feel aggrieved.
God has hypocrites enough, and you’ll soon land high among them when we’re done.

You didn’t break any laws or rules. You’ve done nothing wrong, my naive little fool. Why, are there even any laws unto you? You’re one of a kind, a special circumstance they paid no mind.

Come, come and let me advise you, oh great one of no fault. If you do this, and just smudge this statement here–but oh! You shun that, you call it a lie? I marvel and respect your steadfast honesty, good sir, good madam. Why then I’ll file these papers, just here you see, for safe keeping. And here’s your lock and key. They’ve simply gone missing now; they’ll never ask to see.

We’ll move onto other matters soon enough. But until then, do repeat this truth daily in your clever mind, my daughter, my son:

That whatever you do is an exception, above any other. You kneel to no one; you reign supreme.

For the truth is given to the highest bidder and can be molded and fixed with ease. If you memorize this, the rest will all soon be completed, just as you shall please…

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