Arcian Recipes

Author: Spaghetti Squash-Squish for Two? (Humor| Vegan)

Here’s another cheap, healthy and yummy recipe for you, Arcians. Eat it to write Chapter 27 or to enjoy while reading my book, Memory Bound. Ahem. 📖

Let’s begin.


  • 1 lovely Spaghetti Squash that you can dress in overhauls and a bib, as these things are the size of a newborn baby.
  • About three tomatoes the size of your chummy fists
  • A handful of mushrooms
  • Half an onion
  • 2-3 garlic cloves. Add more if you’re currently defending yourself from a vampire clan.
  • Basil, parsley and oregano. Or as I like to say, the three Italian sisters. You can’t go wrong with this combo. ☺️👍
  • EVOO
  • Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
  • A smidgen–ONLY A SMIDGEN–of vegan butter. I’ll be watching you closely…



  • Preheat oven to 400F (or around 204C). Prep a baking sheet. Carefully cut the squash in half without dismembering any of your fingers. If successful, scoop out the seeds and strings and throw those away. If unsuccessful, get help and apply first aid. These things are hard to cut so use a good knife. Make sure the squash and cutting board are dry and take your time.
  • Drizzle a little olive oil in each side and add sea salt and pepper. Flip the babies over and poke them to death with a fork like someone just cut you off in traffic and you’re none too pleased.
  • Pop into the oven for around 40 minutes. Cook them flipped over, just like when you stabbed them, the hull (outer skin) facing up. This is key.
  • When everything is cooked, wait to cool down or dive in if you’re impatient like me. Begin shredding the squashy flesh away with a fork. It should come out easily. If not, back into the oven it goes.
  • Add a few specks of vegan butter to the noodles and add more sea salt and pepper.



  • While the squash is cooking, dice your onion and garlic and add to the EVOO coated and heated pan. After awhile, let the mushrooms join the party and let their moisture cook out a little.
  • Cut off the heads of your tomatoes (the stalk bit), de-core and squeeze out the watery bits. Chop up and add to your pan.
  • Let everything cook for a bit and then turn the heat down a little and cover with a lid. Add herbs and salt and pepper to taste. Squish the tomatoes with the back of your spoon. Once it looks like a spaghetti sauce of goodness, you’re done!

Serve with a salad, wine and bread or just by itself. Shred vegan/regular parmesan cheese on top if you desire.  Each half of the squash gives enough noodles for one healthy appetite, or two smaller appetites. 😉

Enjoy, Arcians. Ker-kaw!


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