Thanks,Β Steve and Ms. Muffin-pie. You guys bring light into the world. Never stop shining. Or sharpening those claws…😹

Crack on.


  1. Say β€˜Thank you’ to the Blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.
  5. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.
  6. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 Facts About Moi

  1. Sales people scare me. I will run, dodge, weave, zig, zag and hide.
  2. I’m a veggan–a vegan who eats eggs (sometimes). I’ve considered raising my own chickens. 🐣
  3. I respect the laws of gravity. Most days. ⚠️
  4. I don’t like Oxford commas. They trip up the flow.
  5. I published my first book in October 2018. Check out my books subpage for more information. πŸ“˜
  6. I’m not a big fan of amusement parks. They’re fun but I quickly see all the hidden strings, painted cardboard and tired workers.
  7. Enya is one of my favorite music artists. 🎡
  8. I researched my ancestry and found I’m 25% Sherlock Holmes, 25% Anne of Greene Gables and 50% Jane Eyre.
  9. I talk to produce at the grocery store. πŸ₯‘πŸ₯’πŸ πŸ†πŸ…πŸŒ½πŸ₯”πŸ₯•πŸ₯œ
  10. I am very picky about said produce.
  11. I think Irish accents are beautiful. ☘️

Steve and Muffin’s Questions

My answers are in bold below.

  1. Do you like rainy days? Yes!
  2. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Read, write, eat and sleep; dance, dance, dance, repeat.Β 
  3. Do you like thunderstorms? Yes. Our Labrador, no. A resounding no.
  4. Do you enjoy flying? In a plane naturally. Only on my Hogwart’s broomstick.
  5. Do you know how to fly a plane? Only in video games with the restart button standing by. I’ve killed many.
  6. Do you enjoy photography? Yes.
  7. Why do you have a blog? To promote my book and keep my sanity.
  8. How long have you been blogging? About a year and a half now. Wow. Time flys.
  9. What country do you live in? America the beautiful, yet currently being run into the ground by an idiot. I apologize to the world.
  10. Morning person or night person? Night. πŸŒƒ
  11. Do you think you could last one month without any kind of internet connection? As long as my work was okay with it, I will gladly pull that plug of technology!Β 

My Quest-shuns, If You Please

  1. Who are you and what are you doing here?
  2. Weapon of choice in a Fantasy RPG? If this isn’t your thing, think of something from Lord of the Rings.
  3. Orange juice squirts in your eye. Now what? 🍊
  4. One wish on a starfish. What do you so wish? ⭐
  5. You never have to do one chore ever again. Which one do you choose to banish to the nether regions?
  6. A cat starts talking to you. What do you do? What do they say?
  7. A pair of your, ahem, “delicates” flies off your clothesline pole and away into your neighbor’s yard. What do you do?
  8. Board games, nay or yea?
  9. Coffee or tea?
  10. Favorite song for in the shower?
  11. Cats, dogs or egrets?

Nominations: you, you, you. Ping me and I’ll read.


11 Comments on “Author: Ze Lovely Liebster Award (Humor | I Nominate You) πŸ†

  1. I agreed with far more of your answers than I expected-except for author heritage. I also talk to produce…. for me: cats, dogs, AND egrets, er, parrots 🦜

    • Parrots are amazing creatures. Perhaps your literary heritage runs more along the Dostoevsky or Mark Twain routes? Hmm.

      • I’ve read many of the classics, but they haven’t shaped me the way others have. Robert Heinlein – definitely. As a child, though, our library was limited, and I read mainly biographies. So I was shaped quite a bit differently.

  2. Hello!
    It’s nice to meet you, Peregrine Arc! I trailed your place through Steve’s country… Your blog is an amazing place! ❀
    I am Dragon Warrior, an INFP.
    I really loved all your answers… and personality too πŸ™‚ INTJs have always fascinated me and my idol and imaginary friend is an INTJ too. Is it true that you are often misunderstood?
    Hoping to hear more from you,
    With lots of love. πŸ™‚ ❀

    • Lovely to meet you. Oh, the INFPs. You guys help balance the TJ’s. Thank you for being you.

      INTJ women are supposedly the rarest type so yes misunderstandings do often occur. I think these things happen with any type however. Cheers!

      • Would you be my friend? πŸ™‚
        It had always been a deep wish of mine to know an INTJ. They are so amazing… I can’t help but find them awesome ❀
        (P.S. I guess all introverts are a bit misunderstood, same with us πŸ™‚ )

      • You’re welcome to peruse the Arcian blog but I generally do not make online friends due to safety concerns. I graciously accept readers though and try to return the favor from time to time. Happy writing!

      • Oh I see… I very much appreciate your safety measures…πŸ˜ƒ
        Better be safe than sorry, isn’t it? It’s true, nowadays there are many a problem with online friends. πŸ˜ƒ
        I am already following your amazing blog

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