Author: Veganism & Responding to Rude People (Bring Nunchuks | Humor)

Many people, I’ve learned, choose to have closed minds and closed hearts. They do what they do, like what they like, hate who they hate and think they’re right 99% of the time–the 1% they’re “wrong” is them being gracious. They may chew on something you present, to the best of your knowledge and patience, that is novel and slightly interesting to them–only to have them spit it back out on the table and return to their life, as-is. These are people who refuse to grow. Unique dietary choices are one of these topics…

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7 thoughts on “Author: Veganism & Responding to Rude People (Bring Nunchuks | Humor)”

  1. 😀 😀 Amen, sister. I might fall into the doe-eyed camp of “Oh, I wish I could do it” buuut also know I like hamburgers way too much. At least I try to reduce, reuse, recycle at this point. Man, there is so much waste in the world!!!

      1. I’ve got a super part time job in a school cafeteria right now and I can’t believe the waste. They try, but there’s always food they have to throw out.

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