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Author: Poking Pesky People, Introversion (Humor | Bring Snacks)

I am one such person of this Introversion breed. I’ve been poked and prodded at times to attend functions, to host gatherings and to even repeatedly attend the evil thing known as parties. Boundaries, smoundaries the pokers declare; you’ll be happier doing what we want. Poke, poke and poke they go, go, go.

I’ve come to learn to grab the poking stick from the offender and turn it around. Here’s how to do some poking of your own before breaking the stick over your knee and flipping your hair saucily as you leave. You can then return to your quiet corner with your book and cup of warm tea and be alone with your thoughts. Because that’s what we really want after all, isn’t it? To be ourselves, on our terms and time.

How to Grab the Poker Stick and Poke, Poke, Poke:

-If you stare at someone after they’ve said something truly rude, it will make them uncomfortable. Wait for them to speak. You may get the urge to smirk inwardly while they fumble for words and explanations. Listen to amusing attempts of disingenuous apologies. Eventually they’ll try to fill the silence. Reach for the cashew bowl. This could take awhile.

-The power of a simple, firm “no” cuts some people down at the knees, figuratively speaking, particularly when the word hits the offender like a frisbee hitting Mach 1. Bam! Grab the popcorn this time while you watch them gape like a wide mouthed bass. 🐟 If you manage to toss a popped kernel into their mouth, well done you. Bonus points for all.🍿

-Disengage. If people persist in not respecting your boundaries or limits, draw up your ladder and leave. The castle is your own mind, surrounded by a moat filled with crocodiles who swallowed clocks. ⏰ Tick tock, your time is up.

-If all hope is lost, find the amusement. It’s all copy, as they say. Are you stuck listening to a me-monster? Are you hearing the Peanuts “wah-wah-wah” dialogue that came from their teacher? Still yet, are they insisting on you doing something they are so sure would make you (see: them) happy?

Human behavior is wonderful fodder sometimes. Stay classy, stay sassy and use it for writing your next masterpiece. And if the character happens to meet an untimely accident or two…

Well, sadder things have happened. Happy writing! ✏️

Feel free to share said bloggy if you so feel inclined. Bloggy would be most pleased. Adieu.

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