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Author: Steering the Writing Ship (Short Read)

Read your writing out loud. Read other people’s writing often–good writing (and a smidge of bad writing to see why it’s bad–you’ll learn to recognize it overtime). Listen to feedback; sift through it the best you can. (This process becomes better with experience.) Practice. (This is polishing your craft–your gems.) Repeat. It’s been a particular busy season in my life recently. In an attempt … Read More Author: Steering the Writing Ship (Short Read)


Author: Vintage Brooch, Postcards (New Interests)

I’ve been trying new ventures lately–everything from listening to jazz music to trying to teach myself skills like sewing (pray for me). One of the most recent interests I’ve developed is one in vintage fashion and keepsakes. I picked up a couple of items today at a vintage & antique store the saint and I visited for the first time (photo below). Here’s a … Read More Author: Vintage Brooch, Postcards (New Interests)


Author: Neat Christmas Gift & Writing Group Thoughts 📚

It’s a book, it’s a plane! No it’s—my new wallet! Book of Wealth, Vol. IV and I will be traveling places in 2020. Did you get any writing or other author/book related gifts this year? Let me know in the comments below.