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Horror Novella Call Opportunity: Lee Murray Guest Editor (and a few writing resources…)

Just a quick horror novella call opportunity from Interstellar Flight Press for that I wanted to pass along and share. Accomplished horror author Lee Murray will be the guest editor. For more information, please follow the link above.

The Horror Tree provides a weekly newsletter that I also recommend fellow authors consider signing up for. I recently discovered their website and found it’s a nice repository for all kinds of opportunities, including anthologies, novels, novellas and more. As always, please be sure to do your homework and appropriately vet each publisher/opportunity. It’s the internet, and thar be monsters out there. (Seriously though, beware of scams.)*

Take care and best of luck to you if you decide to submit a novella for this call. Happy writing and I hope you’re all well.

*If you are looking for good writing resources and guidance on various writing and author topics, I highly recommend following author Michelle Schusterman’s YouTube channel. All of my interactions with her have been positive and enlightening, and she has a wealth of information to share. Cheers.

Brief Humor & Check-Ins

Author: August Sabbatical

I will be taking August 2021 off from my blog and other media to focus on finishing my second novel, GOTD. I hope everyone is well and wish them happy writing.

Here is a great video, fellow author Michelle Schusterman posted recently for how she writes when she doesn’t want to write, or doesn’t quite feel up to the task. I highly recommend it and following her channel. Cheers.