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Finding Time to Write: Oz

Finding time to write is finding time to return to Oz*–or whatever wonderland of your choice. Oz, among the other fantasy lands (Narnia, Middle Earth, Wonderland, etc.) is especially dear to me. I think I would feel comfortable there, among the land of emeralds, Cowardly Lions and Scarecrows. Life is simpler when visiting Oz; problems arise but with teamwork, good morals and a trusty Tik Tok, villains are dealt with handily. Granted the Tin Man does cut off beasts’ heads in the first book with his hatchet, but I digress…

I’ve read and talked to authors who write every day for several hours, some one to two, others three to four or longer. Some write by pen and paper, others typewriters and more yet with modern computers. I do a combination of it all, pen and paper and electronic. I don’t write a set amount every day–I tend to gulp at my writing. I’ll write for eight hours straight and realize I need to greatly use the facilities. With my Labrador, she helps me take breaks every couple of hours so she can use her facilities–the great grassy outback wander. Ah, the many benefits of a doggy companion. Your Urogynecologist will thank you.

When I do write, I sink into Oz–or whatever world you prefer to call the realm of imagination. The clearer I can see the world I’m creating–whether it’s a historical mansion set on the edge of a small town or a castle set in a fantasy world–the better my writing becomes on the pages. If my characters are jerky, or suddenly transport places without transition, something’s amiss. Why is that dirty dish left on the kitchen counter? My character is fastidiously clean–it’s either a clue something’s amiss or the writer forgot about the missing china. I must deal with it presently. Or would my character really answer the door at night, home alone? No, he’s much too clever for that–his stubborn ego was bruised in chapter six. Come, let’s write what makes sense. The Scarecrow may even have some spare brains in the closet we can use…

In Oz, the yellow brick road leads to the Emerald City. Everyone can find help there or an audience with the Scarecrow–the King of Oz–or Princess Ozma, if she’s not with Dorothy or Jack. No one desperately needs medical insurance, starves in food deserts or fears being shot in an Ozian schoolhouse. Refugees are welcomed and the good witches outnumber the bad witches.

Don’t be afraid to travel the yellow brick road every so often and ask someone trustworthy with brains what they think of your writing. Does it make sense or is it like Tik Tok needing his mind wound up again? Come, now, Toto is barking impatiently–Oz awaits!

Song: Final Fantasy 7 Piano Collection, Main Theme

*Quick note: I do apologize if I have any of Oz’s history incorrect. I’ve only read the first few books in the series and need to finish. Any mistakes in this blog are, of course, my own–never mind the straw poking out from under my hat.

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