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INTJ Memes: Some Personal Favorites

If you don’t know about Myers Briggs or INTJs, start here and here and also here. Do some more research on your own, then come back. Happy trails, but bring a sword. It is the internet after all–the wild, wild web.

This is a tongue in cheek, lighthearted, whimsical post to celebrate Peregrine Arc’s one monthaversary. Hip hip–meme! And here we go…

1.) Ain’t no Party…

I nearly snorted my invisible root beer when I first saw this beauty. I previously wrote about my general disdain for baby showers and many of the same annoyances cross party types. I really enjoy the guy’s expression in this and the lighting. I can just see his forehead twinging in annoyance…

INTJ meme 1

2.) Dr. House: I will solve you.

I say this to my spouse, whose Myers Briggs type has yet to be decided. He’s tested between a few different types across the years, whereas I’ve steadily tested INTJ. Sometimes I stare at him in the middle of the night, like a vulture waiting for her prey to drop. I throw out letters like a crazed Wheel of Fortune contestant: “You’re a P! No, wait! S!” He smiles at me mysteriously and goes back into a blissful, satisfied sleep, while I stew and ponder into the wee hours of the night.

intj meme 2

3.) Touchy Feely

I value empathy, I really do. I believe if more children learned and valued others’ perspectives and feelings from a young age, how much better off the world would be. With that said, people’s feelings drain me immensely, as do my own. Gossiping coworkers, hysterics, petty drama, discussing the logistics of relatives staying over at your house, just what Uncle Earl indeed said at Thanksgiving…I honestly don’t care and do not want to rehash the tales ad nauseam. Tell Uncle Earl to shove the turkey up his nose and throw him to the kiddy table. We both have better things to deal with, eh?

Exceptions exist, of course, but overall I sympathize with this wizard.

INTJ meme_3

4.) Bond. James Bond.

This is another smile worthy INTJ meme. My spouse is often amazed at how my mind skips three steps ahead in plans and summing up solutions or scenarios. I often utter the phrase “Just trust me. I don’t want to explain it all.” I should mime the Bond poses next time…

intj meme 4

5.) INTJ Female Unicorn

I just smile. And smile and smile. Then I start singing “I am the last unicorn...” and flounce around my living room like a crazed ballerina. I often say we women have to stick together. How true this is especially for INTJs.

intj meme 5

Myers Briggs is not a perfect personality inventory, but I’ve found it incredibly helpful and rewarding. And isn’t it interesting all these INTJ memes feature males? Even the unicorn looks slightly suspicious. La de da and the beat goes on.

Happy humor and happy writing.

Song: Cheap Thrills, by Sia featuring Sean Paul

2 thoughts on “INTJ Memes: Some Personal Favorites”

  1. Hahaha — I pinned the no party meme a while back, and I must admit that “I will solve you” could be my motto for how I try to understand people. We INTJs would probably make pretty effective psychologists, except for the part where I don’t really know what to do when people I’m not close to become very emotional. Uhh…here, have a box of tissues. *Awkwardly pats shoulder* *Tells a few bad jokes*

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