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Some Funny Thoughts & Ponderings…

I’m working behind the scenes currently in securing an editor for my latest novel, M.B. She was recommended to me by an author in my area whom I’ve come to know in the past few months. On the outside I am the professional, helpful writer–listening and waiting patiently, hoping my novel portrays itself well. Inside I am a giddy seven year old, hyped up on cotton candy and screaming for more sugar, RIGHT NOW, MISTER!

I am calm. All is bright.

Crack on!

While I wait patiently (as the mature adult I indeed am), here are some peculiar ponderings and amusing thoughts I’ve had recently. Enjoy and happy writing.

  1. I read a blog recently about when traffic lights turn yellow. I agree: when exactly did yellow lights become a kamikaze cry of “Hurry the heck up; we can make it, pooky!” and not a whispered “Slow down”, “Caution, earthling” or at the very least “Let’s reconsider, shall we?”
  2. Why don’t cell phone cameras come with a shutter cover, like regular cameras, that open and close? This would be an easy, handy security feature…
  3. Why do children lay on the floor in stores when they throw tantrums? Personally, I’d pick the marshmallow aisle and build a mattress of poofiness. The small, multicolored mushrooms would be my ammo at unsuspecting passerby’s. Pew, pew!
  4. Why do so many people refuse to acknowledge global warming and climate change? Even if you don’t agree entirely, don’t you think the sheer weight of the matter bears more consideration than mere, continued denial?
  5. Why are redheads called redheads and not orange heads? Or amber heads or sunset heads? Their hair isn’t red, usually; it’s orange. Or a warm bronze.
  6. Is Ariel truly the only redhead, then?
  7. Why did it come about that men wore pants and women wore dresses and skirts (traditionally)? Anatomically, one would think men would benefit from the added roominess. Just a thought, kilt wearers.
  8. To quote Mr. Magorium from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium: “Now, the hot dog, the hot dog/bun ratio, why for the love of mustard are there never enough buns?”
  9. How did it take us this long to really consider American football may bring about serious, lasting brain damage? The whistle blows every 10 minutes in some games with sports therapists running out with Gatorade water bottles and their gear bag. It’s not rocket science.
  10. Why are nightmares called nightmares? Does it have anything to do with a black, female horse arriving at night? Oh, etymology; you thrill me.

Got a peculiar pondering of your own? Share below.

Song: “Royals“, by Lorde

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