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Flash Fiction Aug. 9th: “Peering Through” (horror)

Here’s my horror take on this week’s Carrot Ranch’s flash fiction. Thanks for reading.

Peering Through

Mary stood in her bedroom, staring closely into the antique mirror hung on the peeling wallpaper. Music crackled on the radio from across the hallway.

An oil painting hung behind Mary of a lake and cabin scene at dusk. A man was smoking a glowing pipe patiently, peering from the woods. She could smell the smoke.

But every night, after Mary finally turned away from the mirror, the man vanished. The painting returned to normal, barren of any figures.

But the light was left on in the cabin tonight. And its front door was left open, quiet and inviting.

I’ve been reading some Le Fanu short horror stories lately. I think he’s rubbing off on me.

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Aug. 9th: “Peering Through” (horror)”

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Inspiration from a Le Fanu short story. I recommend his horror stories if you are interested. There’s one about a painting/photo changing. Inspired my own take.

    1. If you haven’t read any of Le Fanu, I recommend it. He has a short story of a photograph or painting that changes, too. I listened to it a few times and it really inspired me (hence my note).

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