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Like a Stone (Audioslave) & The Hobbit: Writing Resets

I’ve been listening to Audioslave’s “Like a Stone” song on repeat over the past few weeks. My guess is the melody helps my brain reset and settle into a meditation of sorts. I am enamored by the lyrics of this song and I find myself thinking of the rabbi with dusty sandals I follow.* I also can’t get over the fact how the vocalist is sitting in a chair during the first minute of the music video, belting out those beautiful, passionate lyrics. That is incredible talent and I remain steadfastly in awe.

I’ve also been listening to audio books–The Hobbit and some of The Fellowship of the Ring. I love Tolkien’s gift of story telling and his ability to drop you gently into the world of Middle Earth in a few, breathed words. I could listen (and have listened) to Riddles in the Dark** at least four times now. To me, this is one of the best chapters in all of literature. I have just about all of the riddles memorized–just in case I should find myself by Gollum, you know.

Reset days–days of deep recharging–are necessary for me. Audio books help me prepare and decompress after a regular day of work. Music helps the writing and edits flow. I’m attempting to add exercise tot he menu of self-care. It’s a process.

I’ve also listened to some of Le Fanu’s horror stories. How did I not discover this genius of writing before now? To me, horror is best when you know just enough–but not everything–of the mystery lurking in the dark. Le Fanu, I think, would agree. If you like horror and haven’t read any of his stories, I recommend starting with Madam Crowl’s Ghost. It’s perfect.

How do you keep your writer’s tank refilled? Happy writing!

*I don’t know if the lyrics were originally intended to include Christian overtones. This is only my personal interpretation and how I relate to the music. I get this from the lyrics “In your house, I long to be/room by room, patiently/I wait for you there, like a stone/I wait for you there, alone, alone.”  Jesus talks about preparing a room for each of his followers in heaven. I’ve always found that quite beautiful, humbling and mysterious.  The lyrics also mention prayer, death and struggling with faith.

**This is the chapter where Bilbo runs into Gollum and starts exchanging riddles to save his life.

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