The Saint, Mr. Swinebottom, the Labrador and myself have done it. We have found the writing desk.

And if you know who all those people are–congratulations, you’re an Arcian.

And if you’re not, well hit that subscribe button and grab a cookie! We’re in for a treat today. ๐Ÿชโœ’๏ธ

January may have left, and February may be mocking me, but mock no more! For the writing desk is here:


Tolstoy would quiver in jealousy; Poe would gnash his teeth. And Dickinson? She would fling pebbles from on high near her window, ere dawn broke upon such a sight as this.

Want more? Here’s the first art piece to go on my gallery wall. It’s an Etsy artist if you’d like one of your own. You can also see the minty paint color we chose for the walls. It appears a little lighter in better lighting.


Care to share what your writing space looks like? Leave a comment and I’ll take a lookylou.

Take that, February! Until next time, keep writing!


4 Comments on “Indie Author Update: Found the Writing Desk

  1. Looks good! I do have a pic of mine somewhere, but it might take a while to find it. I would take a new pic right now but you wouldn’t be able to see much!

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