Star Jar

Author: Star Jar, Behind the Peregrine Name

I asked what you would like me to blog about and I had quite a few ideas requested. So here’s the first one from my Star Jar:

“Why the name Peregrine Arc?”

The answer is in layers, some of which I’ll share. The rest you can amuse yourselves with guessing and pondering. “Maybe she’s a sky diving junkie” some may offer. “I heard she dresses up like a bird every year for Halloween.” Or better yet: “I think she believes she’s part bird. I saw her eating a peanut with her toes just last Thursday…”

I love mystery, don’t you?

Arc, or ARC are my initials. Peregrine falcons dive in a sort of arc (see what I did there?) when they hunt. When these birds spot prey from 3000 feet up in the sky, they dive and they dive fast–over 240 mph. This is (quick Google calculation) just over 386 km/hour for those lucky enough to have grown up with the metric system. They’re fast birds, focused and beautiful. Just see for yourself:


Peregrine falcons have absolute focus when they hunt. I try to have this concentration in my writing and also in my overall life. I focus on my faith and what Jesus said is important: compassion, enduring the race, sticking to the narrow path and so on. In turn, I also try my best to ignore what the world says is important (fame, fortune, power and becoming a me-monster). I don’t do any of this perfectly, but I keep moving forward.

I also love birds. There’s something about watching birds fly that leaves me in awe. The control of the wings, the aerodynamics of each feather, the talons that remind me of raptors opening kitchen doors in Jurassic Park… Even if a bird poops on my head, Mr. Swinebottom will hand me a wet wipe whilst I continue my reverie. That’s +5 points of humility for me, I think.

So now it’s your turn: what’s behind your user name? Or, take it a step further: what’s one animal that resonates with you? Leave a comment below if you’d like or write it down in your writing journal privately for reflection. Remember to keep on writing, Arcians. Ker-kaw!

15 thoughts on “Author: Star Jar, Behind the Peregrine Name”

  1. This is pretty great. I had assumed for some reason that it was related to Miss Peregrine, but I like the nature explanation even more.

    Me? I literally told kids that I was from Jupiter when I was a kid to explain my quirkiness. It was the only thing that made sense.

  2. I love peregrine falcons, a magnificent raptor whose numbers have made a comeback here where I live in Santa Cruz, there are even some living in downtown San Jose (they nest in tall buildings). Whenever I see one around here I feel blessed.

  3. Thanks for conjuring up those vivid images of the peregrine falcon. You have a lot to live up to. I have a fondness for the big cats tigers, cheetahs, cougars etc. Not sure why, they just appeal to me.

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