Star Jar

Author: Star Jar & More Questions (Humor/Free E-Book Giveaway)

Here’s the second half of the questions/topics I received for my Star Jar. These are all questions from the one and only, Ms. Chelsea.

Name origin: check that out here


I’ve been a vegan (plant based diet) for about a year and a half, but in spirit probably for much longer. I stand at my front door in the threshold, holding a cork whip to strike at any hamburgers flying by wishing to enter. “Back!” I command. “Back!” They squirt ketchup at me (much like an octopus inking) before flying on to the next neighborhood. By the end of the day, I look a lot like Carrie after her eventful prom.

In sum, veganism (if done right, and that is the clincher) is healthy, more sustainable and better for the environment. It’s also kinder to animals. I would be alright with vegetarianism if we treated animals better and didn’t kill them for meat after they were done producing/of a certain age. I still eat eggs and have considered raising my own chickens. 🐔

And to be clear, I’m still learning on this journey, too. And I’m not here to judge you if you eat meat. But we do need to be aware of how badly we’re destroying our planet and where our food, clothing and other items of convenience come from. We also need to know who’s making it and where it goes when we’re done with it.

What’s with all the bloodstains?

My, I’m getting sloppy. I like dark humor but one must have a little propietry. Murder is usually an inside activity, but it does make a mess if one isn’t prepared.


Jesus. The Saint. Gabriel the Archangel. All the people interviewed on SBSK. We keep moving forward.

Why your favorite genre is the best

I don’t have a favorite book genre, or at least I’m assuming that’s what the question is asking. Anything that is written well and isn’t full of filler sludge. I read a lot of classics and am working my way now through J.H. Ridddell’s short ghost stories. She’s a Victorian horror author I had never heard about. Check out her writings.

What sort of musical Mr. Swinebottom would write if given full rein

Oh, run for the hills. I see Mr. Swinebottom as more of a classical theatre kind of guy, but he does dabble and experiment from time to time.

I can picture something like The Nutcracker and Swan Lake ballets but on the scale of Beowulf. How’s that for size? Mr. Swinebottom would go all out, as he does, and everyone would be invited. I could see him experimenting with a full circle, panoramic stage with loads of confetti and flower petals and even real snow. We may need a bulldozer or four!

Just please–no gum or sweets in his theatre. We don’t want any more missing guests making the headlines again now, do we?

And why bubble gum flavor is the worst.

Correction, grape is the worst, but not to be beat by the ever nemesis NyQuil. I will throw holy water onto that stuff. I hates it.

Any more ideas to throw into the Star Jar? Leave a comment below and I’ll plunk it in for consideration.

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Keep writing, Arcians. Ker-kaw! 🌷

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