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#ShareAReviewDay Tuesday – Devil in the Wind by Frank Prem


Check it out, Arcians and consider supporting a fellow author. I realized after reading Devil in the Wind’s blurb that 1.) It sounds very interesting and 2.) I know next to nothing about Australia. Thus I need to read and learn about these bush fires of 2009.

I pre-ordered my copy. Check out the links for more information. I’m adding this eagerly to my summer reading stack. ☺️📚📚📚

4 thoughts on “#ShareAReviewDay Tuesday – Devil in the Wind by Frank Prem”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this post, Peregrine. Frank’s book sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I’ve pre-ordered a copy myself, and am happy you did, as well. Hope some of your followers will also be intrigued. 🙂

  2. Peregrine, thank you so much for sharing Marcia’s wonderful post.

    I’ll be happy t hear from any of your readers and to field any questions, if I’m able.



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