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Author: Vegan Breakfast Quesadilla & Potatoes (Humor)

I researched some vegan recipes this morning. This recipe is mostly based on this wonderful dish by YouTuber Monson Made This. I subscribed to his channel recently and really love his calm, patient demeanor while he cooks and explains the food preparation to his viewers. I don’t like when chefs hurry (depending on the dish) or yell. Cooking is a relaxing art, I think, and should bring joy. And deliciousness.

If you’d like to see what I did, with the ingredients I had on hand, fly on, little Arcian.


Potato Bake:

  • (4) Golden Yellow Potatoes found in an abandoned California gold mine
  • Salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, chili powder. Season to taste and add what you want. Like the YouTuber says, don’t be shy with the spices. We want seasoned, baby.
  • Drizzle with olive oil.

Rest of the delish meal:

  • (1) Red Pepper harvested from the wilds of Illinois
  • (1) onion stolen from a Greek goddess (I stole a white onion; do what you can)
  • A few cloves of garlic
  • (1) drained can of black beans that sings when you shake it
  • Spices: salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, a little olive oil. Season to your taste.
  • A handful of tortillas. You pick the size.
  • (1) avocado that purrs lovingly in your hand 🥑
  • Vegan cheese/regular cheddar


For the potato bake, I followed the YouTube video almost exactly with what I had in my cupboard. Dice your potatoes, season heavily, drizzle with olive oil. I baked for about 25 minutes at 425F. You want crispiness, goodness, deliciousness. Your tongue will tell you if the potatoes needs more seasoning. Toss those babies with a spatula about every ten minutes and ask how they’re doing.

I drizzled my extra potatoes with ketchup and served it as a side. The rest of the potatoes will go inside your tortillas.


For the rest: Here’s where I changed it up more. Dice up your onion and garlic and add to a heated pan coated with olive oil. Let it brown up so don’t stir it too much at first. Add in the diced pepper. Do a quick dance routine and add in the black beans. I smashed my beans a little for texture. Season as you go; taste and dance as you go.



Heat up the tortillas on each side in a pan. Assemble the following on a plate: tortilla, seasoned crispy potatoes, bean and veggie mixture, avocado slices and cheese of choice. If you have burrito sized tortillas, cocoon that baby up. If you have taco size like me, it becomes a quesadilla. Brown each side for a minute or less. Here’s a peek of what it should look like inside:



Sprinkle some cilantro on top as a garnish. Arrange as so or cut it up further. However you eat it, enjoy!


And there you have it, folks. You can also serve this with (vegan) sour cream or salsa if you want. It’s very filling and undeniably tasty. Good fuel to start your day and write that next chapter.

Leave a comment below if you try it and if it helped you win the next Newberry Award in Literature. Fly high, Arcians. Ker-kaw!

3 thoughts on “Author: Vegan Breakfast Quesadilla & Potatoes (Humor)”

  1. For our vegan meals, we often make hash browns with peppers, onion, etc. I like the idea of adding the black beans and some avocado. Thanks for the idea!

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