Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 9: Sock it to Me 🚴‍♀️🧦

Thirty more minutes goes into the cycling bank. I cycled once again with my favorite iFit trainer, Regan Pearce. I’ve adopted his native New Zealander saying he often says during our workouts: Kia kaha! It means stay strong. I want a fairy godmother (godfather?) version of him following  me around in life, motivating me while slipping me vegan snacks. I’m sure he doesn’t have anything better to do, am I right? 😉

Also, I ordered socks recently as a treat for myself. They were a mystery grab bag of five pairs of socks on sale on Etsy from Peony and Moss. I love socks and grab bags so I thought, Merry Christmas to me. Here’s what I got:kimg0342.jpg

Going in clockwise fashion from the far left, I got a thigh high sweater sock pair that are very comfy, a lovely neutral pair of thigh high socks, and some thigh high yellow, orange and black with white cat socks. In the middle are two smaller pairs with yellow polkadots with a nice anklet fringe and a darker pair with a black lacy fringe. They all get to join my lovely, growing sock family. 🧦👍 

Do you collect any kind of clothing item? Let me know below. See you tomorrow for Day 10!


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