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Blogmas Days 24 -25: Merry Christmas🎄

Merry Christmas from us to you and yours. Happy holidays and safe travels.  

Blogmas Day 23: “The 12 Pains of Christmas”🎶

Oh, humor. What would we do without you? The Peregrine household will be listening to this song while we wrap presents tonight. I’m a terrible wrapper, while the saint could wrap a melting igloo perfectly. Enjoy!


Blogmas Day 19: “10 Reasons Why I Love Reading” (Humor | Indie Author) 📚📖

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“Welcome to Day 16 of Blogmas 2018. Mr. Swinebottom is taking a day off today. So grab your chestnut roasting pan and let’s begin!” Special thanks to our friend for today’s Blogmas idea! You rock. 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading 1. Books are time machines. Go anywhere in the world, anywhere in time. Experience it all, the good and the…