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Blogmas Day 16: “10 Reasons Why I Love Reading” (Humor | Indie Author)

“Welcome to Day 16 of Blogmas 2018. Mr. Swinebottom is taking a day off today. So grab your chestnut roasting pan and let’s begin!”

Special thanks to our friend for today’s Blogmas idea! You rock.

10 Reasons Why I Love Reading

1. Books are time machines. Go anywhere in the world, anywhere in time. Experience it all, the good and the bad. Ever read Crime and Punishment? The main character is planning a murder to see what it feels like to kill. Dramatic example but you get what I mean.

2. Connect to the human experience. There is nothing new under the sun. Learn from others. See what others have gone through before you or do in their situations. Fiction and nonfiction both apply.

3. No commercials. Unless the dog needs to use the grassy wide back yonder.

4. No batteries needed. Unless you’re doing the ebook thing.

5. Connect to authors who think like you. This can be especially comforting or just plain neat discovering like minds, especially from different centuries.

6. A world you can return to at any time. Be it Middle Earth, a haunted castle or under a toadstool in the rain. It’s a beautiful thing.

7. Library cards are free. Books are thus free, too (or can be). Huzzah.

8. No updates to install, no new versions to buy or upgrades to do. Once you have a book, you have it. The only exceptions to these are, again, ebook devices and if you want a new edition, particularly with classics.

9. Once you’ve read a book, it’s with you forever.

10. I believe God is the original author and storyteller. And good stories I think reflect just a fraction of that mystical, high beauty. Pretty neat.

Join us tomorrow for Blogmas Day 16! Leave what you’re reading below in the comments. Happy reading.

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 16: “10 Reasons Why I Love Reading” (Humor | Indie Author)”

  1. I read three books at a time. On my Kindle I’m reading Suicide Forest written by Jeremy Bates. Audible I’m reading/listening to Two by Two written by Nicholas Sparks. And finally at home I hold a physical book in my hand; I like to keep my books looking brand new, which is why I only leave them at home. I’m reading an erotica, Mastered: For the Sub written by Sierra Cartwright.

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