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Author: October Cycling Challenge– Chamonix, France (Day 26/31)🏅

I learned from my trainer today that I could have thighs like a silverback gorilla. I love this; this trainer needs to be my life coach, lovely New Zealander accent and all. The conversation could go something like this:

“Hey, writer! Do you want thighs like a silver back gorilla?”

“Oh boy, do I?!”

“Then hop on your bike, right-oh, and we’ll have you pounding your chest for bananas by New Year’s Eve.”

It could be a beautiful thing. 🦍🍌🥂

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Author: October Cycling Challenge– Pandora Endurance (Day 25/31)🎸🥁

Today I did another Pandora day. This time I biked at a fast cadence through several songs with small breaks. About 15 minutes in or so, my endurance length started to decrease and I did a few smaller intervals. I found that the faster or more “oomph” a song’s beat was, the easier it was for me to keep a faster, consistent pace. 🚴‍♀️

I definitely built up some sweat and felt the burn. I did a one song warmup and a one song cool down at the end. I included some screenshots again of some of the songs I really enjoy that came on.

We’re quickly approaching the end of this challenge. I’m working on writing Chapter One of my novel as well. What do you think my reward should be at the end?

Cheers and see you tomorrow for Day 26. Ker-kaw!


Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– Pandora Intervals (Day 24/31)🚴‍♀️🥁

Day 24, another Pandora interval. Thirty seconds of fast, controlled pedaling with a minute or so of rest, around ten times or so. Feel the burn. 😉🔥

Took some screenshots of some of the songs I like that played. See you tomorrow for Day 25!


Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– The Babysitter’s Club (Day 23/31)🍼

Today I did 15 minutes reading a book and 15 watching an old episode of The Babysitters Club. I reread the first six books of this series recently. Which babysitter did you most relate to?

Netflix I’ve heard is rebooting the series. Hopefully it’ll come out on DVD. Re-reading the books, I’ve picked up on just how much divorce, and how it affects children, is discussed. I find the honesty refreshing.

Sorry, no screenshot of my bike timer, I just used my cellphone. See you tomorrow for Day 23–kerkaw!


Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– YouTube Interabled Couple (Day 22/31)♿

Did thirty minutes at my speed today watching one of my favorite YouTube channels: Squirmy and Grubs. They just made an exciting announcement today that they bought a house! I’ll leave a link to one of their favorite videos of  mine below. Squirmy (or Shane) is also a best selling author.

See you tomorrow for Day 23! We’re approaching the finish line fast.


Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– Barcelona, Spain (Day 21/31)🇪🇸🚴‍♀️

Today marks three weeks! Hip, hip–hooray! And today’s spot was Barcelona, specifically along the Les Ferreres Aqueduct trail. We did 3:1 intervals around five times (I lost track). This means three minutes of fast pedaling, one minute rest. I worked up quite a sweat. 💦

With a three minute warm up and a four minute cool down, I got my thirty minutes. I hit the showers like the sweaty champ I am and will be eating veggie fajitas with my mermaid fin blanket like a true little athlete. 😉🧜

Join me tomorrow for Day 22. Ker-kaw! 🚴‍♀️


Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– Pandora Intervals (Day 20/31)🚴‍♀️🎶

The WiFi gremlins struck tonight when I was a few minutes into a New Zealand iFit workout. So I turned iFit off, turned on my data and turned on my Pandora app (which wouldn’t kill my data usage on my cell phone). Never fear; ingenuity is here. 😊😉

I listened to my “The Cranberries” station, one of my favorites. I bicycled at a resistance of five out of 10 and did 30 second intervals (fast as I could go) with one minute rest periods. I did this a few times with each song with some longer rest periods here and there. These longer rests included when ads came on or when I lost track of when I needed to start an interval. Whoops! 🤭

When my thirty minutes were up, I did around a five minute cool down at a resistance of one (the lowest level of resistance) to spin the lactic acid out of my muscles. I worked up quite a sweat so I think it worked out pretty well.

Take that, technology gremlins. This was an excellent way to do intervals and jam out, as you could keep track of the time using the song’s track time. Pandora is a free app, so you could download it and give it a whirl, too. I included some screenshots of some songs I really like that came on during my workout. 🎶

See you tomorrow for Day 21. We’re just ten days from the finish line. Ker-kaw! 🦉




Author: A Quiet Look at ERs (Free Write) 🏥

“Hello. Is this is the ER check-in desk?”

The attendant looks up; I expect her to say something like “No, this is the Clown and Circus Motorcycle Club. You want down the hall and to the left, pass the screaming banshee who met with an unfortunate accident, but before the cafeteria and gift shop.”

I get a nod instead. I take a breath and plunge into the story, perhaps for the fifth time that day.

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Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– YouTube Craft World (Day 19/31)🎨👩‍🎨

After the unexpected break yesterday, I hopped on the bike, very late at night, and did one hour. What did I do? I watched YouTube, one of my favorite YouTubers in fact: Moriah Elizabeth.

I love her videos and she’s inspired me to do my own thrift store makeovers (one of her smaller series she semi-recently started). She’s human, makes mistakes, pokes fun at everything including herself and produces beautiful artwork. Pretty inspirational.

I’ll link a video I watched part of below next to the ol’ photo of my time, to prove I did what I did.🚴‍♀️ I tend to binge watch her videos and rewatch my favorites.

Stay crafty, Arcians. See you tomorrow for Day 20!