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Blog Share: Weight Lifting — Shall We Get Dressed Now? [Disability & Chronic Pain]

No, I have not taken up a new hobby. Nor have I had a sudden healing. I didn’t leap out of my chair yesterday and grab a dumbbell. This is about a different kind of weight. Oh, you’ve all fallen asleep or stopped reading. Come back! It is worth reading. Ever been flattened by life? […]

Weight Lifting — Shall We Get Dressed Now?

An excellent read on perspective, disability, and a striking analogy on what living with chronic pain is like. Please give Mr. Nevin’s blog a like and share with your fellow readers. Consider subscribing to his blog for future updates, including for his (hopefully) pending publications. Cheers.


Release Day: “Darkness Screams” Horror Anthology (“The Letter”)

Hello cats, kittens and those who wear mittens. Today is the official release day of Fae Corps’ “Darkness Screams” Anthology. My short story, “The Letter”, appears in Whisper Quiet. It’s a story about a young man who is desperately trying to manage an estate after the untimely death of both his parents and (more recently) his younger sister. He receives a misrouted letter written by his sister, several weeks after her death. In it, she confesses to grave mistakes she made in her last months while alive. At a gala the brother holds, an unwelcomed visitor arrives, asking him about the letter. The visitor know too much about his sister’s last days and actions, and warns the protagonist of lasting consequences…Oh, the shivers.

If you’re looking for a spooky ready this Halloween season, the order links are below (physical copy and e-copy). If you give it a read, reviews and shares are free and heartily appreciated.

Happy Spooky Season.

Order Links:
Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet (“The Letter” appears here)
Darkness Screams: Howling Deep

Reposts/Reblog Shares

Blog Share: Places in our Memories with Alex Craigie #Mondayblogs #Memories — Judith Barrow

There are places that remain in our memories, the details may become slightly blurred, nostalgia may colour our thoughts, but they don’t fade. And how those places made us feel at the time is the one thing that remains. Today’s memories are from Alex Craigie, a dear friend I’ve known both in ‘real’ life and […]

Places in our Memories with Alex Craigie #Mondayblogs #Memories — Judith Barrow