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Author: Serpents & Doves

There are moments in life where we need to make quick decisions. These are forks in the roads with possible cliffs. Do I raise my voice and lose control to anger? Do I snap back and give a biting, scathing remark? Do I judge someone harshly walking by me? Do I fall back on legalism? I’m reminded of a quote, one that I put … Read More Author: Serpents & Doves

Indie Author: SMA & Spiranza Share (Disability Advocacy)

Shane and Hannah are an inter-abled couple I recently started following on YouTube. Disability advocacy, acceptance and whatever other terms apply are very important to me and are themes that tend to pop up in my writing, even if just a little. Shane is receiving shots for his condition (Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA) from a drug called Spiranza.  They’re asking people to share … Read More Indie Author: SMA & Spiranza Share (Disability Advocacy)

Indie Author: A Favorite TedX Talk (Encouragement)

For all you writers out there, listen to some encouragment from a very wise young man. Enjoy and keep moving forward.