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Author: Donating Blood & Young Hope (Gun Violence) šŸ’‰šŸŒ±

We drove downtown today so I could donate blood. It was my fifteenth donation. There’s always a big need for blood, but especially now with the current pandemic. Please considerĀ donating. My little blog entry continues below.


Haiku: A Drop of Red

A flower of red Soft warmth against my forearm A life struggles on.


Giving & Giving Up: One INTJ’s Perspective

INTJ’s are often described as cynics in Myers Briggs write-ups. If the article is being fair, this innate cynicism is framed around an INTJ knowing how thingsĀ should be–aka, not like the current state of affairs. As an INTJ, I observe this trait within myself. I’m often skeptical of nonprofits, charities and other agencies with grand, doe eyed missions. I once heard someone share about … Read More Giving & Giving Up: One INTJ’s Perspective