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Week 2: Crazy Caption Contest Winner

Well, I think I made everyone’s brains hurt last week with challenging people to use three words: turtle, snow and pristine. One person entered and thus that one person is the winner.


The “Crazy Caption Contest”: Week 2 (Closed)

Week one of the Terrible Caption Contest went great! With a scurry, a sprint and a darting glance over our shoulder, here’s week two! The winner of the most laughs will be chosen by me and the saint. Ties will be decided by the Labrador.  The winner will be announced Saturday Jan. 19th and awarded the gift of humor. In other words, you’ll be … Read More The “Crazy Caption Contest”: Week 2 (Closed)


Introducing: The “Crazy Caption Contest” (Closed)

We’re going to start off 2019 with a bang on Peregrine Arc! I’m going to include a photo below and you’ll post in the comments something humorous and divine about what in the world you think is going on.  Put your Alice in Wonderland dress on now, because we’ll be tumbling down some rabbit holes yet… The winner of the most chuckles will be … Read More Introducing: The “Crazy Caption Contest” (Closed)