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Terrible Poem: “Oh, I’m a Gonna Go!”🎶

Oh, I’m a Gonna Go!

I’m a gonna go out where the wind durst blow
Sand in my knickers and mud in my toes
Where cow pies rightly disappear and the crickets eat them dangburned rusted bandoliers!
Where the guns don’t get to shootin’,
Where there’s no high brow falutin’
And everyone dances ’till half past three…
If you need me, why that there where’s I’ll be…!
In the Land of Absolution…!

-A.R. Clayton

There’s too much fun to be had at this week’s Terrible Poetry contest. Have fun and keep writing. ✏️

Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– Pandora Endurance (Day 25/31)🎸🥁

Today I did another Pandora day. This time I biked at a fast cadence through several songs with small breaks. About 15 minutes in or so, my endurance length started to decrease and I did a few smaller intervals. I found that the faster or more “oomph” a song’s beat was, the easier it was for me to keep a faster, consistent pace. 🚴‍♀️

I definitely built up some sweat and felt the burn. I did a one song warmup and a one song cool down at the end. I included some screenshots again of some of the songs I really enjoy that came on.

We’re quickly approaching the end of this challenge. I’m working on writing Chapter One of my novel as well. What do you think my reward should be at the end?

Cheers and see you tomorrow for Day 26. Ker-kaw!


Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– Pandora Intervals (Day 24/31)🚴‍♀️🥁

Day 24, another Pandora interval. Thirty seconds of fast, controlled pedaling with a minute or so of rest, around ten times or so. Feel the burn. 😉🔥

Took some screenshots of some of the songs I like that played. See you tomorrow for Day 25!