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Blood Donation & Character Development

Today was my seventh time donating whole blood. I have a personal goal to continue donating blood as long as I’m able. I’m screened thoroughly each time, I’m thanked as well and needles and blood have never made me queasy. I find blood fascinating actually; all that rich redness is beneath my skin, all day, every day, working to keep me alive and functioning. For that I’m grateful. Dracula is, too.

Do we view our characters as having literary blood flowing their typed veins? Or do we view them as paper dolls, thin, wispy and capable of blowing off our computer screens at the faintest gust? See Jane run. See Jane kick. See Jane cry. Very boring, isn’t it? See Jane run and kick a ball, screaming after she discovered her team lost the state championship by a technicality. Clunky, but warmer already.

Blood supports life. Blood is hugely symbolic in Christianity (e.g., Blood of Christ) and is reflective of the final atonement of human kind’s sin. Easter is approaching soon and this has rolling around in my mind. I prefer celebrating Easter over Christmas; the meaning is clearer and less clouded by presents and materialism. That and the weird origins of the Easter bunny never fail to amuse me.

Give your characters blood. Consider donating yours, if you’re able, to real characters. The difference can be between life and death–fictional and nonfictional.

Happy writing. And bats are wonderful creatures.

==Current song: “Love Has a Name”, Jesus Culture

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