Flash Fiction Contest: 100 Words of Friendship

My entry for Pia Majumdar’s second flash fiction contest. Enter here to join the fun!

When the sky falls, you’ll be there. You came for me, for a five to ten minute lunch. You drove across downtown, paid for parking and there you arrived, handsome in your long coat, long eyelashes covering a beautiful, quiet soul.

You smile, blue eyes endearing and bright, your countenance as soft as velvet on a deer’s antlers. The lamp inside me lights. I can cross deep waters again, set my ships to sail, fly canteens up to thirsty mouths. I can continue my work.

Metal decays; whispers and weeds whither. But this–this means truth. This remains with me, forever.

Author: Peregrine Arc

INTJ female writer setting out to become a published author of contemporary literature. Writing includes horror/mystery, young adult fantasy and science fiction. All opinions, mistakes and dog hair are my own. Thank you for joining me.

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