Flash Fiction Contest: 100 Words of Horror

My entry for Pia Majumdar’s flash fiction contest. Enter here* and join the fun!

A shadow. Just a shadow. It’s mostly opaque, a greyish black through the back screen door. I can see the outline of my high bun, my messy hair, the curve of my young nose. I’m staring out to the garage siding, wondering exactly when the summer robins will fall asleep.

I am alone. Heat lightning flashes in the distance but I am chilled through the bone. The medications make me feel cold. I wear sweaters and sweatpants in 90 degree weather.

The shadow departs, crossing through the fence posts, disappearing into the dusk.

I remain still, staring at my reflection.

*Author’s note: Looks like this contest was closed well before I posted. Whoops! Enjoy anyway.

Author: Peregrine Arc

INTJ female writer setting out to become a published author of contemporary literature. Writing includes horror/mystery, young adult fantasy and science fiction. All opinions, mistakes and dog hair are my own. Thank you for joining me.

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