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Flash Fiction: Epic Work Place

Check out this week’s writing prompt at Carrot Ranch and crack on!

Working on The Unsinkable Ship

“They’re wanting sheets in cabin four, Miss Elizabeth.”

“Yes, miss. I’ll get them right away,” the maid said politely with a curtsy to her matron.

“And be sure you’re minding your place. Just because we’re working in first class doesn’t mean—”

But Elizabeth was already down the hallway, gathering clean linens in the laundry room. Her friend Gayle was there, in the corner where they whispered their secrets and dreams.

“Just think of it, Liz! Us—on the Titanic!”

It’d be kind of bitter sweet to work on the Titanic and I wouldn’t like the class system and separations. But, it’s still worth pondering, yeah? Such a sad story but it still transfixes a lot of people today, including myself.

Thanks for reading!

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