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Be Still: Setting Up My Writing Office (Collage Ideas)

“Be still and know that I am God” is one of my favorite scripture verses.* As an introvert who needs approximately four hours of alone time for every one hour of interaction with others, these words are balm on my soul. It reassures me that peace, quiet and solitude are necessary. I don’t need to seek after worldly things until I burn myself out or to prove to anyone that I’m “worthy.” Jesus died for me–I am his treasured one. This is my compass.

Is it weird that I’m a horror author who is also Christian? I don’t think so. Christianity, once you get past the baby milk and sugar, is actually filled with terrifying ideas and creatures–demons, angels, martyrdom and Hell being just a few. “Be still and know that I am God” are ringing bells of power in the cemetery of death, the world of lies and illusions we navigate before rejoining God in Heaven. Evil lurks behind the tombstones waiting to distract us or to push us off course. Few things about this are fair and the journey is sometimes filled with horrible things. But we get there. With God, we get there.

But let’s step back onto the main path for now. It’s foggy and cold in the cemetery, but the full moon is out and there’s a dry patch under the elm. Let’s talk about my main subject: setting up my writing space.

I’ve come to the conclusion I need my own writing space with a door I can shut and solitude I can bathe in. This is partially why (I believe) it’s taking me so long to finish my book. The saint** and I decided to make one of our rooms just for my writing and to also house our growing collection of books. My ideas (somewhat typical of my INTJ brain) are swirling around in my head, fitting colors and options together, throwing out what doesn’t work and testing new ideas in a pretty quick pace.

My color scheme is white, mint, brown and gold with hints of gray.  Here are some pictures to get the feel of what’s going on in my brain–for the moment anyway.

Have your own writing office or space? What’s it like? Does it make a difference in your writing? Leave your descriptions below and happy writing!



*This gem can be found in Psalm 46, line 10. The Psalms are poetry and songs and I think most were written by David.

**How I refer to my spouse in my blog.

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