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Flash Fiction: Parade of Clowns

My flash fiction for Carrot Ranch. Mosey on over and see what all the hubbub’s about. Charli’s got some contests coming up, too, so check it out.

Parade of Clowns

I sat on my blanket, eating my morning cheerios with my grandpa. The television was on while we ate.

“Grandpa, you sure these are clowns?”

“Yes, Rosie, most of them. Each one represents a state in our nation. Look there–that’s the clown from D.C.…”

I squinted. He didn’t look happy.

“Why’s that lady look so scared?”

I looked up. My grandpa’s gaze seemed far away.

“It’s a parade of clowns, dear, and that woman’s the only sane one.”

Author’s note: Some stray thoughts on the Kavanaugh events. It makes me wonder how children (little girls especially) will be taught about this event. We live in such interesting times. I tip my hat to Dr. Blasey Ford. To say she’s brave is an understatement.

As for the grandpa calling everyone clowns–there are two parts to this. One, the whole political climate in America is very wearying to me. And two, I can imagine an older person calling all these young whipper snappers clowns, regardless if he is on the professor’s side or leans Democrat. I think the word clown has a lot of different connotations to think about.

Thanks for reading.

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