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Happy Thanksgiving: From A Horror Author (Humor/Serious)

Happy Thanksgiving from me at Peregrine Arc.

Let’s all slaughter a bird, sit down, and talk.

We’ll clamor, and yammer and pass the dressings all ’round,

while we hide our Christmas lists and gain twenty more pounds.


We’ll smile and recite what we’re grateful for,

While ignoring the wrongs occurring outside our doors.

Fires are raging; an idiot’s at America’s helm,

But all we can think to say is “Pass the stuffing, wouldn’t you, Aunt Mel?”


Then watch as they go out, the fattened penguins, in daring two’s and three’s,

The Americans of Gluttony to buy the things they just said they didn’t need.

Patience is shortened, fingers are smashed

because shopping carts are the swords, and courtesy is dashed.


My, what a disgrace we’ve come to be.

Making Christmas, the birth of a Messiah, into a catastrophe.

He received three gifts–just three.

But instead we choose to worship at the altar of materialism and glee.


But never mind–you can’t do without.

You need that X-Box, that iPad, that thing-a-mah-bob, no doubt.

Your blood pressure would drop, your eyes would fall out.

The emergency rooms would overfill with you stupid lot!


So go on, you deserve those diamonds, those toys and tools

Fill up your carts to excess, fill them up you greedy fools!

But just remember, if you can, how fortunate you are–

to not go to bed hungry or scared, with bombs dropping in your yard.


Because surely your greed, your excess, and gluttony,

Won’t affect anyone else, would it, you dummy?

As long as America is number one,

we’ll burn the earth to ashes and claim that we’ve won.

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