Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge–Washington (Day 7/31)

I had a brilliant idea today. I said to myself, “Self, let’s see if we can bike for almost an hour straight.” So I tried and I did. I did these things called tabatas. I looked it up. It’s an ancient word, from the dawn of the very first language known to anthropologists. It means “Make your last will and testament now.”* Charming.

Day 7 was fun and intense; I actually really enjoyed it. The State of Washington: beautiful. Just ignore the sparkly vampires with boundary issues who are in need of therapy and you’re golden.

Here’s some pictures. See you tomorrow for Day 8!


*I’m making this up. See here for more info. My trainer did 20 seconds high pedaling, 10 second rests, 10 times. I did two sets of these. Then I think the sets decreased the next two times.

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