Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Days 1-4: Cycling & A Funny Story🤛🚴‍♀️

Better late than never to get on the Blogmas wagon, right? November bicycling ended up mostly being a wash, but I’m back to bicycling steadily in December. We’ll play this Blogmas thing by ear and see where it goes. Just three weeks until Christmas!

So for the funny story: today at work I overheard the second half of a  conversation. A coworker was going on about how she had been attacked; from the clips and phrases, I thought she had been assaulted at work. I was a bit surprised, but I understand this could happen in the environment she’s in. She walks out and I see a small shiner under her left eye and an annoyed look on her face. After some brief exchanges, I finally ask “Did one of the kids punch you?”

She blinks at me, considering.

“No, but that would’ve been a better story. It’s my CAT!” she yells, exasperated. “He’s driving me insane! When I move, he moves. He wants to be on top of me. He keeps coming into my room at night. I haven’t slept in three nights because of him. I’ve had it!”

For my cycling, I plan on doing a half hour ride each night, with a break on Sundays. I may also combine some nights together. I did a whopping two hours straight tonight to catch up. 💪

Cheers and happy Blogmasing.


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