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Frank Prem’s: Sheep On The Somme (and horses and mules)

Originally posted on Frank Prem Poetry:
https://youtu.be/VohJ5W1y6Ss Sheep On The SOme – Behing the images video (3 poems) I’ve just spent the morning adding a video to my YouTube Channel and the Sheep On The Somme playlist. This time, I’ve focussed on 3 poems that feature the pack animals used (and used up) in WW1 – horses and mules – and included some description…


Fatigue: A Story of Susie Bee (Part VI, Conclusion)

It was Dewday, the day before the bee’s extended hibernation. All the year’s filings were done, all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted with beetle ink. Susie’s staff and fellow bees were lining up with quilts and scarves, preparing to help warm the queen through the coming winter months. The grand harvest party was beginning and would end with hibernation. The hive was warm … Read More Fatigue: A Story of Susie Bee (Part VI, Conclusion)


Fatigue: A Story of Susie Bee (Part V)

Susie walked morosely behind the queen, expecting a lecture or two at any moment. Once in awhile, the queen would make an impatient noise and Susie would fly ahead to catch up. After awhile, Susie could no longer stand the silence. “Are you going to tell me not to work too hard anymore?” Susie guessed, feeling thirsty. “That bees need to work together? That … Read More Fatigue: A Story of Susie Bee (Part V)