Christianity: My Journey & Thoughts

Listening to Snow & Refocusing (“Be Still…”)

I am sitting in my fireplace room, looking out through a glass sliding door into our backyard. It has begun to snow and my soul feels rest. I love snow. When I die and go to Heaven (with God’s grace), I would like to live in a village where it always snows. With Peter helping me to shovel and salt the sidewalks, and making sure my fireplace is in order, I think it would be quite cozy. A 24/7 taco buffet would be within walking distance. It would be next to the library, just down the street from the hot cocoa and churro shop.

I try to find these moments of peace and calm, to remind myself of God’s verse to us–“Be still and know that I am God.” These moments remind me I am not what the world or others think of me: I am not the worth of my savings account, my job, college degrees; I am not the worth of my appearance, abilities, possessions, or anything else society may want to forcefully stick on me. I am God’s daughter. Be still and know…be still and know. Be still and know.

Here’s a Christian meditation I’ve done from time to time (see below). Don’t buy into the lies of capitalistic societies. Be still and know…This life is but a blink of an eye; eternity is forever. Amen.

Christianity: My Journey & Thoughts

Relief Effort for Philippines (Typhoon Odette/Rai): Critter Hunter (please share)

Critter Hunter (Justin Carmack) is a YouTuber I started following several months ago. He’s a professional scuba diver and typically can be found around the world finding different marine life species to capture on camera.

He lives in the Philippines with his wife and is currently covering the aftermath of Typhoon Odette (the local name for the typhoon; others are calling it Typhoon Rai). From the video I linked below, he commented that European and American media are not covering this natural disaster and the Filipinos are suffering as a result from a lack of help and donations. From a quick search, I can see there is some coverage, but it appears limited and possibly delayed. I personally read the news fairly often, and I had not seen this come across my radar. Justin also may not be seeing any media/assistance to the areas where he’s currently assisting, which is obviously a problem. If we’re not aware, we can’t help.

I made a donation earlier this morning to Justin’s PayPal account to help in the relief efforts. From the video below, you can see they are organizing rice and water donations, and helping to rebuild a community center, among other initiatives. He says in the video below he’s drained his own bank account to help the villagers around him. He’s been chronicling their efforts the past week to help spread awareness.

If you can, please consider making a donation to Justin’s PayPal account located here. Prayers I’m sure are also appreciated and as I remind people, always free. You can also share this blog, or Justin’s YouTube channel, as well. I don’t know Justin personally, but from his videos documenting this tragedy, you can clearly see his heart.

If you have any questions or concerns, Justin’s e-mail address is on his YouTube page if you would like to contact him. He comments in the video below that is he replying to people as he can. Thank you and please keep Justin, his family and community in your prayers. Amen.

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Terrible Poetry Contest Entry: Entropy

Hey, you there. Yes, you. Go to Chelsea’s page and submit your own Terrible Poem take on Unusual Ways to Make Money. Read the rules, mind the PG rating and dive in. We need fresh blood of the terrible kind.

My entry is below. I took a different turn with this one. Crack on.
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