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Blogmas Day 9: “Deaf Culture Jokes & Skits” (Humor | Indie Author)

It’s a shorty but goodie here today. Please check out the below videos for three of my favorite Deaf Culture skits I’ve seen performed in American Sign Language (ASL). And yes, two are by the same person. Because he’s awesome.

Learn a little about Deaf culture, Arcians. You’ll open doors of communication and be able to find new ways of cursing. I mean learning. A language. Because ASL is a language. And it’s wonderful. I absolutely love ASL.

Crack on!

  1. Keith Wann, “Ice, Ice Baby” (CC*, ASL, snazzy ASL and English. Just watch, you’ll see.)

2. “Timber!” (Original creator unknown. ASL only. No CC. Fairly easy to follow or get the gist if you know basic ASL.)

3. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, Keith Wann (ASL only; interpretation of story).

Even if you don’t know ASL, it’s still hilarious to watch. Keep an eye on what he does with the food.

And that’s it, folks! Pick up any ASL? Give yourself a pat on the back and join us tomorrow for day 10 of Blogmas 2018.

*CC means closed captioning.

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