Blogmas 2018, Mr. Reginald Swinebottom Presents...

Blogmas Day 11: “Author’s Favorite YouTube Videos” (Humor | Indie Author)

Welcome to Day 11 of Blogmas 2018. Today we’re going to do a little soft shoe and look at a few of the author’s favorite YouTube Videos. Sit back and enjoy…”

1.) “Uptown Funk You Up” (Bruno Mars): Classic Movie Stars Dance

You’ll be mesmerized and entranced, just like us at Peregrine Arc.

2. “Bliss”, Muse.

From the first time I watched this, I felt transported into a scifi novel.

3. “Sora”, from Escaflowne the Movie

Beautiful, haunting lyrics and imagery. I’ve only seen the movie once, but I love this song.

4. “Tokyo Ghoul Cover”, Supershigi (Laura Shigihara)

She’s an amazing artist. Ms. Shigihara created (and sung) “Zombies on Your Lawn.” This is a beautiful version of Tokyo Ghoul’s theme song. And here’s another neat version in English for you to listen to.

5.) “Shadows”, Lindsey Stirling

Just watch it. You’ll thank me later.

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