Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 12: Cycling & Random Acts of Kindness πŸš˜

I was pulling out of the formidable parking garage this evening (which I’ve discussed in the past if you’ve been here awhile) and saw a woman looking rather flustered. She was staring at her flat-ish tire, while an air compressor sat nearby (not working) and she was talking to someone on the phone.

I roll down my window (really, pushed the button…It’s 2019 after all) and go:

“Do you need any help?”

She isn’t the first person I’ve addressed this question to in the death trap parking garage that lives and breathes next to my working office downtown. Usually people say “No, I’m fine.” I had one person grumpily tell me, as I approached with my little portable air compressor that could: “Well now I don’t!” I think he was just having a bad day though. I should’ve gave him a chocolate bunny. 🍫

This person was different though. Very nice, very willing to accept help. She had U.S. Navy stickers all over her back window and had a positive, friendly attitude. Turns out the air cap was stuck, and stuck good. It would not come off. I actually resorted to getting some scissors from my first aid kit out of my trunk to help, as I didn’t have any pliers. I think the scissors were meant to cut bandages, to be honest.

I don’t know if it did anything but right after that I was able to get the cap off. It was either that or a desperate prayer I sent out to help the poor lady get out of the cold concrete dungeon of gloom and dismay. Maybe both. Thank you God either way.

So I got to help a fellow woman, possibly a veteran and she wished me a Merry Christmas. Hooray.

In cycling news, I bicycled for one hour today to make up for yesterday. Going strong.

Done anything to help a random stranger recently? If you do, keep your safety first. There are crazy people out there. Like authors. We kill people with pencils. ✏️ (Think on that for a second…)

See you tomorrow for Day 13. Ker kaw!

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