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Video Teaser: “The Letter”, Darkness Screams Anthology

Pre-order links below (e-book and hard copy)! We appreciate shares to help advertise.

Here is a short, teaser video I made for the promotion of the Darkness Screams anthology, releasing October 15, 2022. My story is “The Letter” and and will appear in Darkness Screams: Whisper Quiet through Fae Corps. I hope you’ll give it a read and leave a review. Preorder links are below for both anthologies. (The Anthology that “The Letter” appears in.) (The Second Anthology)

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Michelle Schusterman: “Boys don’t read books about girls” (Author Storytime | Toxic Masculinity)

Excellent, thought provoking discussion about how perpetuating this (and other toxic masculinity beliefs/thoughts) can leave boys on the sidelines, promote unfair and untrue gender beliefs/biases, and ultimately contribute to rape culture. Michelle has a wonderful AuthorTube channel. I recommend everyone to check her out.

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Author: Bean Bunny Painting (YouTube Video)

I am slowly, but surely, learning my way around my video editing software a bit more. I completed my Bean Bunny painting today and compiled my footage together into a video on my YouTube page. I had a bit of trouble with the quality of the paint as I went along, but I think we got somewhere. Cheers!