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Author YouTube: “Bring Me Back My Rose” (Horror | Humor)

Fiddled around some more with my new camera and editing software today. The steamworks on YouTube is slowly getting up and running. I also discovered how to do subtitles. Let the snarky humor commence…

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Author YouTube

Author YouTube: “Painting Jacks” (Practice Video Posted)

With these poison ivied hands, I filmed and posted my first video on my Author YouTube page. It’s definitely a practice video–I was getting used to my camera, a new video editing software I’m trying out and the process of uploading to YouTube. I know I’ll probably chuckle at this video in a few years, but in good humor.

The videos will vary and either have subtitles or me (possibly) talking in the future. For this round, I just have some music playing. Enjoy and happy writing. Ker-kaw!

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Author: October Cycling Challenge– YouTube Craft World (Day 19/31)🎨👩‍🎨

After the unexpected break yesterday, I hopped on the bike, very late at night, and did one hour. What did I do? I watched YouTube, one of my favorite YouTubers in fact: Moriah Elizabeth.

I love her videos and she’s inspired me to do my own thrift store makeovers (one of her smaller series she semi-recently started). She’s human, makes mistakes, pokes fun at everything including herself and produces beautiful artwork. Pretty inspirational.

I’ll link a video I watched part of below next to the ol’ photo of my time, to prove I did what I did.🚴‍♀️ I tend to binge watch her videos and rewatch my favorites.

Stay crafty, Arcians. See you tomorrow for Day 20!