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Introducing: The “Crazy Caption Contest” (Closed)

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We’re going to start off 2019 with a bang on Peregrine Arc! I’m going to include a photo below and you’ll post in the comments something humorous and divine about what in the world you think is going on.  Put your Alice in Wonderland dress on now, because we’ll be tumbling down some rabbit holes yet… The winner of the most…


Strive to Thrive (aka: A Self-Love Letter)

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People are a mess, aren’t we? I mean, we try. We each do our best to survive the Monday, to make it to the end of the year, year after year. But who wants to live a life that’s all about surviving? It’s so much better when we strive to thrive. (Did I just make up that…


New Year Blog Party!

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New Year, Same You! While 2019 is definitely a chance for all of us to make some improvements and to strive towards those (realistic) goals, ultimately, we are the same inside. And there is NOTHING wrong with you being you! So share all about yourself in the first Blog Party of 2019! For those of you who are not aware…