Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– Chile la Bella (Day 14/31)🇨🇱🏄‍♀️

We made it to two weeks. That’s fourteen straight days of at least 30 minutes of biking, with some recuperating days of lower intensity workouts in-between. High fives to all.

Today I went back to Chile in a small town known for surfing.  We did intervals on a trail through some woods five times. I discovered my trainer does 8-11+ hour races that he trains for regularly. I am humbled, indeed.

Join us tomorrow for Day 15–we’re nearly halfway there! 👍🚴‍♀️



Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge–Norway (Day 8/31)🇳🇴

I yelled at my trainer today. I apologise, Ashleigh, the Canadian iFit trainer who cycles in Norway. I did not want to do another interval, “dig deep”, or heed your favorite phrase: “Push, push, push! Just twenty more seconds!”

I felt like I was delivering a baby and cycling at the same time. This was Day 8. 🚴‍♀️👶

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