Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge– Chile la Bella (Day 14/31)🇨🇱🏄‍♀️

We made it to two weeks. That’s fourteen straight days of at least 30 minutes of biking, with some recuperating days of lower intensity workouts in-between. High fives to all.

Today I went back to Chile in a small town known for surfing.  We did intervals on a trail through some woods five times. I discovered my trainer does 8-11+ hour races that he trains for regularly. I am humbled, indeed.

Join us tomorrow for Day 15–we’re nearly halfway there! 👍🚴‍♀️



Exercise Challenges

Author: October Cycling Challenge–Chile (Day 4/31)🚴‍♀️

Meet Ryan, an iFit trainer. Ryan almost killed me today. Let’s go to the beach, he said. It’ll be fun, he said. Do you know how hard it is to pedal through wet sand? I didn’t either, though I had my healthy suspicions. My legs fell off halfway through and I had to get off the bike and do a kind of crab walk back to grab them. It wasn’t pretty, nor was it graceful. An allen wrench, duct tape and some W2-40 later, I was back in business.

Let’s review, the beautiful Chile.  ¡Olé!

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