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Blogger Nomination: Behind the Blogger (Author)

Thank you, Steve for the nomination! So very kind of you and Muffin. Everyone, read his blog now. Canada, cats, birds and bears–oh my.  It’s one of my favorites and I read it several times a week. It’s good medicine. The rules and my answers are below:


Guest Blog: Bumping Along the Journey (Indie Author)

This is a guest blog I wrote for Jenniely Reads. A big thank you to her for allowing me to write something for her Newbie Blogger Spotlight. I hope you enjoy, Arcians. Check out the article here.


Indie Author: Book Swap (List What You’re Reading)

Hi Arcians and internet wanderers. Tell me, what book are you reading right now? Leave a quick comment below and we can share our books together. My current read is below. While you’re here, want to enter a creative writing contest? No winners or losers this week, just old fashioned fun with the imagination. And yes, that rhymed.