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Author: October Cycling Challenge– Chamonix, France (Day 27/31)🐄💩

We met cows upon our journey through France today. My trainer called every cow he met Daisy. That was easy to remember. We stopped and talked to one Daisy, but not too long as to not unduly interrupt our workout. One Daisy on the downhill return left us a present. How kind of her. 💩


Author: October Cycling Challenge– Chamonix, France (Day 26/31)🏅

I learned from my trainer today that I could have thighs like a silverback gorilla. I love this; this trainer needs to be my life coach, lovely New Zealander accent and all. The conversation could go something like this: “Hey, writer! Do you want thighs like a silver back gorilla?” “Oh boy, do I?!” “Then hop on your bike, right-oh, and we’ll have you … Read More Author: October Cycling Challenge– Chamonix, France (Day 26/31)🏅

Author: October Cycling Challenge– YouTube Interabled Couple (Day 22/31)♿

Did thirty minutes at my speed today watching one of my favorite YouTube channels: Squirmy and Grubs. They just made an exciting announcement today that they bought a house! I’ll leave a link to one of their favorite videos of  mine below. Squirmy (or Shane) is also a best selling author. See you tomorrow for Day 23! We’re approaching the finish line fast.