Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day 3: Ten Ways Writers Celebrate Christmas (Humor | Indie Author)

I’m giving Mr. Swinebottom vocal rest, so I’ll be presenting today’s Blogmas. While you’re here, need a book to read? It’s horror and yes–part of the story takes place at Christmas time! Oh, what luck you have. Scurry on over to Amazon to take a lookylou. It’s free currently if you have Kindle Unlimited.

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Ten Ways Writers Celebrate Christmas

  1. Days off for writing! Double huzzah if it’s a snow day and school or work is closed!
  2. Long winter walks for rejuvenation and refilling the ol’ writer’s tank.
  3. Observations of group think occurring at malls. Extra points if you eat popcorn while watching the antics of last minute shoppers. Dystopian novel fodder, anyone?
  4. Receiving gifts of new pajamas and slippers for writing in. The coziness is real, folks.
  5. Cups of hot cocoa to warm the writing fingers and paws. Click, click, click those fingers across the keyboard like jolly ol’ St. Nick’s reindeer.
  6. Writing by the fireplace under the gentle glow of a Christmas tree. Ah, serenity. Ah, bliss.
  7. Turning the radio off on Christmas music that started pre-Thanksgiving. Instead, give a listen to Mr. Swinebottom’s “The 12 Days of Writing!
  8. Making snow angels in stacks of old novel drafts. Nobody will ever see them but you.
  9. Cutting out snowflakes out of said novel drafts. Reduce, reuse, recycle, my friend.
  10. And last but not least: Burning agent rejection letters and e-mails in the fireplace. You can use the warmth to write your next great novel.

Join us tomorrow for Blogmas 2018: Day Four!

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