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Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks again, Steve and Muffin! You guys are the best. Let’s grab a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit and let’s begin…


Blogger Nomination: Behind the Blogger (Author)

Thank you, Steve for the nomination! So very kind of you and Muffin. Everyone, read his blog now. Canada, cats, birds and bears–oh my.  It’s one of my favorites and I read it several times a week. It’s good medicine. The rules and my answers are below:


Indie Author: Award & Nomination Time (Liebster Award)

First of all, a big thank you to Steve and Muffin for the nomination. I read their blog almost daily, particularly when I need to relax and help my mind wind down after a long day of work. If you like animals, Canada, country living, along with some good humor and interesting escapades, check out his blog and subpages. It’s good medicine. 🌷 And don’t … Read More Indie Author: Award & Nomination Time (Liebster Award)